Head shot close up portrait of adorable african american curly little toddler baby boy or girl with first teeth, learning making first steps with caring mother, feeling excited of new skills indoors.

Physical Development

At Embrace Life, we actively encourage the development of independence in infants as they begin crawling, standing, walking, and climbing. Our dedicated team of childcare professionals is committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment where infants can explore and master these fundamental skills. Through carefully designed activities and guidance, we progressively enhance the complexity of each skill, ensuring a holistic approach to your child's physical growth and development.

Social/ Emotional Development

We promote the use of scripture and Bible verses to foster and nurture essential qualities such as sharing, turn-taking, friendship, and gentle treatment among our infants. By incorporating these teachings into your children's daily lives, Embrace Life aims to instill a strong foundation of love, kindness, and compassion that will guide infants as they grow into caring young men and women.

Babies playing with blocks and socializing with each other
Instructor reading a story to two infants

Language Development

At Embrace Life, we focus on facilitating language development in infants through immersive learning experiences. We utilize a combination of interactive dialogues, visual aids, and practical activities designed to enhance speech and communication skills from a very young age. As your child's language develops, we encourage responses and introduce new words.

Cognitive (Thinking) Skills

Infant cognitive development is fostered through carefully curated hands-on experiences and constant exposure to new materials. Embrace Life's unique approach promotes using scripture and bible verses, helping infants learn by sharing, taking turns, making friends and treating each other gently. We provide a solid foundation for your child's intellectual growth and stimulate curiosity and problem-solving abilities.

Infants putting blocks in a box matching the shape, developing fine motor skills