Twos Room

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.

John 1:4

Little girl playing with a hula hoop

Physical Development

As your children grow into their twos, Embrace Life continually incorporates new, active games and activities that emphasize coordination and safe handling. Active play helps develop your children's motor skills, including kicking, rolling, jumping or standing on one leg, pedaling, maintaining balance, and more. Embrace Life allows your two-year-olds to refine their motor skills in a loving, safe, and nurturing environment.

Social/ Emotional Development

Embrace Life's use of scripture and bible verses helps our teachers instill essential values and manners in your two-year-olds that impact how they approach social interactions. Whether learning to resist the temptation of immediate reward (Delayed Gratification) or developing a sense of self and self-care, your children will learn how to engage in polite socialization with others. Such social and emotional skills your children learn can apply in large groups or individual settings.

Children having fun and holding hands
Three young children gathered around a book and reading

Language Development

Embrace Life continues to help students improve their writing, reading and speaking skills as your children's language understanding grows. Our instructors teach students to recognize upper- and lower-case letters, different sounds and pronunciations. Additionally, we assist students in developing comprehension skills by having them answer questions about the books and materials previously read.

Cognitive (Thinking) Skills

We strive to embrace and celebrate diversity, fostering an understanding and appreciation of the unique qualities that make each person special. Through this awareness, our students recognize the common thread that binds us all as human beings, sharing similar emotions and experiences. We believe that every individual is created in the image and likeness of God.

Additionally, we cultivate a deep appreciation for music, encouraging our students to engage with it in various ways - through dance, song, or simply enjoying its melodies. Students will learn to identify and appreciate basic instruments such as the drum, trumpet, and piano.

Kids answering a teachers question